Website Usability

Have your Websites Sales dropped? Losing baskets? Not getting the sign ups that you used to from your website? Our Website Usability services are exactly what you need to find out why.

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Website Usability

Understand your Audience

Analyse, Evaluate, Deliver

A simple and clear user experience on your website can make the difference between sales lost and sales won.

At UXy Lab, we have developed a number of products that will arm
you with the information needed to ensure your website is as sharp and clear as it can be.

USER-bility Insight

Change can sometimes be hard for customers to grasp. So, take the uncertainty out of updates or new releases on your website and put the user in control in a way that suits them.

By using real people to test your website or online solution before you launch, our USER-bility Insight enables you to launch new solutions or adapt existing ones with the minimum of pain, and the maximum potential of success.

We’ll help you to avoid hurdles and solve problems before they appear. Get your UX experience right – from the outset.

Rival Watch

Competitor analysis can yield vital data that can put you ahead of them all.

Our expert observation and analysis of your competitors and peers can show you what to aim for, and what to avoid.

This live, up-to-date information gives you the head-start you need before you begin the design and construction of your website, app or software, enabling you to tailor your solution towards the perfect user experience upon release.

We’ll help your UX and design teams to optimise your solution, saving on problems, headaches and unnecessary overspends from the outset.

UX Routestream

You've invested heavily in your website, you need to make sure it's working hard for you and winning the business it was intended for.

This is where UX Routestream comes into it's own.

Using our unique mapping system, we are able to give you the insight into each potential journey that a visitor may take, the high-points and the low points. Not only that, we're able to provide you with the opportunity to increase your return on investment without the need for heavily un-informed changes to your site's code.

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Do any of these sound like your situation?

  • - Sales have dropped on our site
  • - People have stopped signing up to our services
  • - We're getting complaints about our website
  • - People just don't watch our videos anymore
  • - We think our website needs redesigning, but not 100% sure

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