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Digital User Experience Consultancy

Understand your Audience

We specialise in discovering Digital User Journeys that flow with purpose and focus.

UXy Lab is a UX Design and Website Consultancy. Based in the West Midlands, we work with clients to help them to better understand how their websites are seen, used and engaged by their key audience.

Focusing on the human element of website interaction, we understand how and why people make the decisions and choices they do while visitng your website. Offering true insights, informed options and growth strategies for your website, in line with your value poposition.

Analyse Evaluate Deliver

A different approach - The UXy Lab Approach

Go beyond analytics. Analytics can only tell us so much. That’s why we add the human touch in the form of hand-picked panels of users. Observing is understanding. Our users are expertly selected to mirror your customer demographic as closely as possible so that the data you get is both relevant and actionable. The best decisions are informed decisions. We take a suite of subjective information and turn this into a concise and actionable set of objective information.

The best decisions are informed decisions. Discover the power of optimised user experience.

Discover the power of UXy Lab.

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