About UXy Lab

We are a team of UX Specialists and
Website usability testing specialists


We are a team of Technical and Creative specialists who now work with In-house UX teams and blue-chip companies to ensure that their websites are as focused as possible. It's a business that we love, which means we're bloody good at it.

Our Story

UXy Lab was born out of the need for websites that simply work. We have worked with a number of organisations in the past, both for website and software development projects as well as for testing their existing websites, mobile applications and software platforms. During this time we have gained a true insight into the fact that regardless of how much work is placed into a website's design and development, you can only really trust the word and use provided by the end-user.

It's with this ethos in mind that we moved from being a Web Development company and into a Website USER-bility company, specialising in testing websites and their User Experience but with the added benefit of using real people to carry out the testing. This has enabled us to find out the "WHY" a website works or doesn't work and bridges the gap between Design and Analytics.

Brian Milman - Founder of UXy Lab

Brian Milman

UXy Lab was set up by Brian initially with a view to 'making websites better'! Something that he's still striving to do today, one website at a time, but now from the other side of the fence. 

Brian brings with him 20+ years worth of experience within the Software Design, Website Design, User Experience and Website Development industries which he uses as a consultant, helping to enhance his client's websites at the prototype stage as well as ensuring that his approach to USER-bility is as good as can be.

Away from work, Brian loves nothing more than to spend time around a racetrack, or with his camera getting 'creative'.

UXy Lab
the UXy team

Core Values

Listen First

This is so true in many aspects of life, but for UXy Lab this paramount to us getting the results our clients need! There is no information that our test panel provides that wouldn't be relevant for our clients. 

Stay sharp

We ensure that we keep ahead of the curve in terms of what works and what doesn't for UX and Website Usability. Yes, our tests centre around the feedback provided by our testing specialists, but our consultancy also centres around knowing and contributing to what's hot in websites today.

User is king (or queen!)

An old adage, but something that will always be true, especially in our approach. Our bespoke testing sessions are merely a guide used to ask the right questions to the right people. The results that we gain is the gold that drives website change.

Keep it fresh

One size does not fit all. All of our clients are different, meaning all of our tests are different! You know by working with UXy Lab that your test, it's participants and the final results are going to be tailored around your site's specific needs.

Integrity and Honesty

Regardless of position, market sector or relationship, we’ll be honest with you from the start. We see our role as using our skill set to interpret our testers views, opinions and choices, free from bias and presenting those in a manner in which your development team can further develop and enhance your website.