Introducing you to the WHY

So, we'd like to talk about why...Why when testing a website it's so important to listen to the end-user. There are so many factors, analytics, methodologies and factors that could be used to see how effective a website is, but without the WHY we're just assuming!

Who did you build your website for?

So, whenever we build a website for a client, we always ask them who they are building it for. This may seem an easy question to answer, the go-to response is normally "our clients" and of course, we all want our websites to attract more clients than they are now, but people go on quite a journey from finding your website through to becoming a client.

Let's take a step back

OK, so with that in mind, what are we actually asking? I suppose, the times that I've asked the question myself, I'm asking what does your ideal client look like, where are they in the world, what do they do, what interests do they have? But why does all of that matter?

This information is key when designing your next website. As web designers, we need to not only understand our client's business and products inside and out but also what their ideal client looks like and is attracted to. Only once we know all of this information can we then start to formulise what our client's next website should look like, how it should speak, what colours it should use (outside of the company branding colours) and what visuals should be used.

So job done, right?

Erm, not quite..... Yes, we're now a lot more informed about what a good website should look like for you than we were before, yes, we have the experience to design a simple yet effective solution and yes, we have the development skills to build a mobile-friendly, bug-free website that flows as intended...but we're still assuming.

Until we gauge the views of real users, we will always be assuming that what we've built is fit for purpose.

Plugging the gap, joining the get the point...

So, this is how we at VOX D remove the assumption and gain real-world insights into what we've now built, works as intended for the intended audience. We've developed a program called USER-bility testing. It does exactly what it says, we incorporate real people (more importantly, relevant people to the website's demographic) and through a course of bespoke sessions we find out why.....

- WHY someone clicked on the green button, not the blue one

- WHY someone clicked on the about page, but only scrolled half way down

- WHY someone wasn't even interested in the services page

and so many other points and considerations that we as designers and developers wouldn't even have considered without asking the question!

Where do we begin?

Our approach to usability testing can be brought into a project at any point through the process. Whether your site has been live for a few months, few years or just about to go-live! We can offer a real-world insight before you waste any further resource or time to market your site and product.


GOT QUESTIONS? We hope so!

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