Are you breeding confidence, or putting your audience off?

So, your website is showing off your best products, it's informing your audience that you're good at what you do and even who you do it for, so why aren't you getting the enquiries you want?

Everybody's selling, nobody's buying?

Ever been to a business networking event and wondered why nobody is buying your services, but insist on selling to you all the time instead? Your website visitors are pretty much the same! around 50% of your website visitors are more than likely competitors or companies who would like you to buy their services.

So why have a website at all?

OK, so not everyone is selling, but even the remaining audience that comes to your website won't be there to buy on that day. 

People who are interested in your services will be there for one of these reasons:

- Met you before, wanted to check what you said in the meeting mirrors what you're saying online.

- 'Googled' your business services and shortlisting.

- Saw a post on Linkedin (other platforms are available!) and you caught their interest.

Maximise the opportunity

So let's make the most of the opportunity and capture the attention of these people. We would always advise offering as much free advice as possible, never be afraid to give away your hard earnt knowledge in return for gaining some trust and respect from your prospects. You would be amazed how well this works!

There are a plethora of data capture tools out there, two of our favourite platforms though includes Hubspot and MailChimp. Both of these platforms are free to use, including a number of value-added tools and help you to maximise the potential of traffic to your site.

But we digress - Back to putting your audience off!

Ah yes, back to the matter in hand. It doesn't matter what you share, how professional you sound and how convincing you are if you're putting your audience off.

We're not talking about being smoochy with your content, you don't need to show the love but we do need to tell our chosen audience what we would like them to do in return for using our website.

Contact Details, the magic number! - We always recommend offering at least 3 methods of contact. Email, Phone and Social Media follow links are good standard options.

Call to actions - You call to actions need to be direct and clear. Tell people how and why you would like to hear from them.

Stay in touch - You made the effort to capture those all important contact details, make sure you make the most of them and say hello to your audience now and again. Not too often, once a month is perfect and just make sure to share relevant and useful information. share the wealth!